New Traditions- Blogmas Day 21

December 21st 2017


Making memories that will take us through the years~

Whenever I think about traditions, I immediately think about the holiday season because I feel like it is one of the best time for new traditions. Many families have their own sets of tradition each holiday season like going into the city to see the tree together, unwrapping one gift on Christmas Eve, or getting rid of old toys to donate to a local organization. Traditions are not only an opportunity for a group of people to bond, but also to create their own little piece of history.

This year, I was determined to make some new traditions. In the past, my favorite traditions have been spending special holiday gift exchange nights with friends, going Black Friday shopping, and spending Thanksgiving rooting for specific dogs in the annual dog show. But this year, between Thanksgiving and now, I have tried my hand at creating some new traditions that will hopefully carry forward into the future with my friends and me.

The first new tradition we tried was Friendsgiving. I enjoy the idea of celebrating friendship just as much as family on Thanksgiving and since my friends have developed the new weekly practice of cooking dinner one night a week, Friendsgiving was the perfect excuse for us to get together and test our holiday cooking skills. It was an extra fun night because my friend was back on the Island from college so it was the first time in months that the crew was back together as a whole. The thing I like most about this tradition is that I’m not limited to doing this with just one group of friends and the group I do this with could change seamlessly and offer me the opportunity to carry on the tradition even as people come and go from my life.

There has been a recent shift in dynamic in my friend group as well and that has just encouraged me more to create new traditions and roll with the punches. One thing I think is super neat about traditions is there is always room for new ones and you can create them all by yourself and include whoever you want to from year to year to keep things interesting! I am happy to say, I think Blogmas will be a new tradition for me from now on!

In terms of my family, I am working extra hard to create new traditions. Last year, we figured out that the google home could play MadLibs and we thought it was the funniest thing ever so I am going to try to bring that up again! My mom also bought tons of candy canes to play this weird game where you put one candy cane in your mouth and try to hook a bunch of other candy canes on it to put in a bucket and whoever gets the most wins. I don’t know if it’ll stick, but I am looking forward to making new memories!

Another interesting thing about traditions is that you may not even realize you’re making them, I have done a lot of fun things this year like going to the city, seeing a Christmas radio show, having a holiday cooking and baking night, going to the local Christmas village, and going ice skating down port (which is what I’m doing today). All of these things and more could easily become traditions which is what I find so exciting about the whole thing. Sometimes traditions just happen and you don’t know where they started but you are glad they did!

What are some of your favorite holiday or winter traditions! Share them in the comments below!



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