What I Wore- Thanksgiving 2017

November 24th 2017



Thankful and Grateful~

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates! I love Thanksgiving because I get to spend time with my family, eat tons of food, watch the annual dog show and the parade, and I get to dress up to sit around my house all day without judgement. I also love that Thanksgiving is at my house every year because if I ever find that I am uncomfortable, I can change whenever I want to.

I figured I would end my last Fashion Friday of November with a OOTD for Thanksgiving because I find that Thanksgiving is my peak Fall fashion before I go all “MERRY WINTER BITCHES!”

I will admit, I am writing the intro to this post on November 19th because I am going Black Friday shopping all night after Thanksgiving and don’t trust myself to do much more than post a few pictures up on here with my lack of sleep from the night before. So hopefully this comes out coherent and enjoy my OOTD!:

 Dress // primark

Boots // Marshall’s

Not going to lie, Thanksgiving was a rough night for pictures because I didn’t have very many options for locations or private spaces. I loved this look though because it was simple and comfortable. I got this dress at Primark around the end of winter, start of spring and never got around to wearing it until now. I found the floral to be a great fall print because it was very warm toned on the black background.

Embroidery is one of my favorite trends of the past few years. You can’t tell from the awkward selfies with my boyfriend but the sleeve cuffs have the same embroidery as well.

I paired the dress with blush over the knee boots from Marshall’s to offer some contrast from the dark dress. However, I think black over the knee boots would look great as well. And since it was a day at home for me, I limited my accessories because I didn’t feel the need for the glitz and I really wanted to showcase the details of the dress.

Sorry this isn’t my best OOTD, but I plan to have tons more over the month of December.  I encourage you to look at some of my other fashion posts on my page as well. Now I am going to have to find a way to make up some sleep and I’ll be back for my next post on Sunday!


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