1 Item 3 Ways- Flannels

October 6th 2017


Flannels are the closest thing to wearing cozy fleece pajamas out in public while still being social acceptable…

It is no secret that I love flannels almost as much as I love Fall. Flannels are comfy, versatile and can add an earthy or grungy style to just about any look. With tons of cut and color options, there are a million ways to wear a flannel to spice up an outfit or build an entire outfit around.

1- Falling into Fall

Dress // Forever 21

Flannel // Forever 21

Socks // H&M

Sneakers // Target

This outfit was inspired by the very beginning of Fall. Where I live, the weather is having a bit of trouble making up its mind what it wants to be, so I often dress in layers or transitional clothing pieces so that I am not too hot or too cold on any given day.

I feel like tying a flannel around my waist the the best way I have found to always keep outerwear close by without drowning in a puddle of sweat.

High socks are my favorite alternative to tights because they add a bit of an edge to any outfit if paired correctly! I also chose a baseball tee styled dress because I feel like one thing that really screams “beginning of the season” to me is sports and back to school. I love the sporty look with a touch of feminine (plus the dress is incredibly airy and comfortable which is always a plus).

Lastly, I really love how red was an accent color in the outfit. I love rocking a bold red lip, so I will take any excuse to spice up a look with lipstick. I also brought the red theme down with my sneakers. Between the lips, flannel, and sneakers, I think the red was incorporated into the outfit well without being overwhelming or overpowering.

2- Sweet as apple pie

Flannel // Target

Cardigan // Forever 21

Jacket // Forever 21

Jeans // New York & Company

Boots // Target

Comfort was one of my number one objectives here because I wore this outfit when I went to Albany. Albany is about a 3 hour drive from my home and it is a bit colder than where I live.

Whenever I travel, I always try to make sure that I am wearing things that are fashionable and functional and that I am ready for any climate situation. That is why layering is my best friend. Plus, layering is also super cute because it allows me to invite other colors, textures, and cuts to my outfit while creating on cohesive look.

I also love cooler weather because i can bust out the combat boots. I would live in combat boots all year round if they didn’t make my ankles sweaty (I’m sweaty shinned and I’m proud). I particularly love these combat boots because they have a knitted bit at the top, sort of like a faux sock. Not only does it look really cute, but it is also extra cozy when it needs to be.

These boot made the jeans a perfect addition to the outfit because they have decorative cuffs at the ankles that helped showcase the boots while also laying super comfortably right above the cozy sock part. My biggest pet peeve in fall and winter time is when my jeans get bunched up in or around my boots.

Overall, this outfit was great for day and night in the fall weather and was super comfortable when I climbed and explored autumn farms! You can see more of my Albany adventure here

3- Cozy Peekaboo

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Flannel Tank // Kohls

Sweater // Kohls

Leggings // Kohls

Oxfords // Target

Today was a bit of a bum day so I decided to dress a bit more cozy. I find find that wearing a flannel under a plain over-sized sweater is a great way to ad a subtle pop to your outfit. I personally love the fact that the flannel I wore with this outfit was a tank top because it is literally PERFECT for this in between weather.

Being able to layer without feeling like I am drowning in clothes is a wonderful feeling. The tank top flannel also made the sweater feel a lot more comfortable on my arms.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The shoes for this outfit, I am slightly embarrassed to admit, are almost 4 years old and I am only just now starting to really wear them. The hot pink bottom was a bit iffy to me and I wasn’t feeling confident enough to really wear them too many places. However, I dug them out and though they were a great alternative to boots. They are taupe so they embrace the earthy tones of the season and they aren’t sneakers which is a nice change to my current norm.


Overall, flannels are one of the most versatile Fall pieces there is and there are so many more ways to style and pair them for any occasion! If you think with an open mind, you’ll never get bored of rocking a flannel!


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