1 Item 3 Ways- Green Army Jacket

September 15th 2017

Green Army Jacket

I thought I would give something new a try and I have a lot of clothes…so why not?

If you’re like me, you find one article of clothing and use it in one particular outfit and then you never wear it any other way. So I decided to start this series that takes basic staple pieces in my closet and dresses them up (or down) in 3 different ways. No more Lizzie McGuire, outfit repeater!

So Fall is coming up so I decided to bust out my awesome slightly over-sized army green shirt/jacket thing from Forever 21 and tried to dress it 3 ways.

I feel like an army style jacket, especially in an olive tone is a great staple to add a subtle edge to any outfit. I find that it is a piece that can be worn in so many ways and can be dressed up and down. In these outfits I am going to show you how I can take this one piece and incorporate it into my entire day.

1. Overall Overhaul

Overalls // Forever 21

Jacket // Forever 21

Shirt // Thrifted

Sneakers // Converse

I realized after wearing this outfit for the day that the color pallete reminded me of a sunflower. Sunflowers are my second favorite flower (after daisies which are my absolute favorite), so this realization was not disappointing in the slightest. I also love this outfit because of the overalls. I hoard overall dresses and fully intend on doing a collection or lookbook or something to showcase my wide array of overalls.

I also decided to bust out my high tops for this outfit because I feel like it added to the playfulness of the look. I’ve had these high tops for nearly 3 years and they are still in perfect condition because light colored shoes make me nervous.

I kept the accessorizing for this look really light because the overalls are really an accent in itself, so I decided that a necklace would make the look a bit too busy. Overall, this outfit was great for a beginning of fall day, out and about (and preferably not in 80 degree weather like when I took these photos)

2. Books, Tea & Comfy Casual

Dress // Forever 21

Jacket // Forever 21

White Sneakers // Target

Black Backpack // Primark

I got the inspiration for this look from the color pallet used at my favorite local bookstore.  Since it was a warm day out, I found the the army jacket added a nice accent around the waist and also was useful in giving shape to an otherwise shapeless t-shirt dress. I never want to let the 90’s sweatshirt around the waist trend die out.

I paired this whole look with some white keds style sneakers because I feel like they are the perfect amount of casual without being too edgy. In terms of accessories, I paired the outfit with one of my crystal necklaces that has earth agate and sun quartz on it to promote balance, focus, leadership, and strength.  I also paired it with my hamsa bracelet that I wear every day and a heart hair clip that I picked up from forever 21.

Overall, I find this outfit to be a perfect transition from Summer to Fall because it is still breezy and comfortable but can also be layered on to give it a warmer feel.

3. Grunge it Up

Jeans // Marshall’s

Jacket // Forever 21

T-shirt // Kohls

Sneakers // Target

Since my previous two outfits were both dresses, I decided that it would be nice to style this jacket with some pants for a more grungy look. I took these pictures on a relatively cloudy day with a chance of rain so I figured pants would be a good choice. Plus, I knew I was doing some lifting and moving around at work on this day so it was way easier to wear pants instead of a dress.

I wanted the jacket to be the accent of the outfit so I kept everything else to a black and white color scheme so the jacket would be the focal point. I also decided to do a little baby knot in the front of the t-shirt to give it a bit more shape since it is sort of long and shapeless. Overall, this outfit is a great outfit for anything from going to a concert to just spending the night kicking back with friends.


So that is it for my first segment of 1 Item 3 Ways. I honestly found this to be a really fun challenge for me both mentally and physically. I hope this gives you a little extra inspiration to shop your own closet and give new life to the clothes you love~


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Jess, 25, yogi, believer in things, book worm, shy, aspiring human of Earth. I like to spend my time on a yoga mat, typing away with my thoughts, or taking pictures of anything and everything. Stop on by for everything from self-care to book reviews to fashion posts and more!

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