How To Move On

May 19th 2017

moving on.PNGIf you spend your whole life look back, you’ll trip over what’s in front of you.

Moving on. It’s scary. It is change and change is scary as I’ve probably mentioned dozens of times in my 40+ entries on this blog.  So how do we move on from things that are no long serving us? Well, in short, you just do but I decided that I would share some advice from my own personal experience in the hopes that it would benefit at least one person, even if that one person is me.

The first step of recovering is admitting you have a problem. So my first step in moving on is identifying your problem and saying it out loud to yourself. “This friend is mean to me and I don’t feel as though they are helping my growth.” “Taking part in this activity has caused me psychological harm and I need to step away.” “Being with this person is taking a toll on my sense of self.” “Living here is draining me emotionally.” All of these are valid ways to tell yourself that something is wrong and being able to admit it means you’re ready to start moving on from it.

The second step I recommend is resisting temptation. It is so so so easy to go back to something harmful because it was comfortable or because you don’t know anything besides whatever it is you are trying to leave. I understand that you can’t just quit things or people cold turkey and it takes a lot of working yourself up before you can commit to a change like that. But it is important to resist temptation. Give yourself a chance to heal and after that know where to cut it off. Reaffirm yourself that you’re doing the best thing for you, even if it hurts, and stay away from what is not serving you. And remember, there is so much more out there that you have yet to see.

The final step I have towards moving on is being proud of your decision. I know that doesn’t sound like a step but it really is. By telling yourself that you are proud of the fact that you are moving on will help you commit to your choice no matter who tells you you’re wrong. Make your decision to move on with every ounce of heart you have. You can’t half-ass moving on. The decision to move on is a full blown commitment. Commit to it.

Just keep marching on~


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