Winter Night Routine – Blogmas Day 5

December 5th 2018

The children were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;
And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,
Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap.

I love updating my winter night routine from year to year because I find that I am constantly making changes in the quest to find the perfect night routine! Winter is a unique time for night routines because “night” starts at like 4PM due to the sun times during this time of year! I wake up with very little light, leave work in the dark, and essentially feel ready to bed by like 8PM!

So here is my night routine for a day that I work:

4:30PM- I typically get out of work at 4PM and take my roughly 30 minute commute home listening to music. Depending on the weather of the day, I either go straight up to my room when I get home or I strip off all of my wet layers before going upstairs.

I usually go straight into my room to change in my PJ’s if I have no exciting plans for the night. I also like to take the time to light a candle or two to let burn and fill the room with warm smells as I head downstairs to make dinner.

5:00PM- I am not the kind of person who gets super fancy with her cooking on a random weeknight so usually I opt for something pre-made or leftover (because leftovers are my favorite).

5:45PM- After a warm meal, I like to hop in the shower. I find that my hair can get a little ratty during the winter time because it is so dry, so I like to wash my hair and add a little extra conditioner to lock in moisture.

6:20PM- After my shower I like to use a bit of moisturizer on my legs and feet some nights to make sure that they don’t dry out from the cold and I put on some fuzzy socks to lock that all in.

6:45PM- As much as this is gonna make me sound like a granny, I am usually in bed snuggled up by 7 most work nights. After that, I like to watch a bit of YouTube and maybe read a book before winding down to sleep.

What is an important part of your cozy winter routine?


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6 thoughts on “Winter Night Routine – Blogmas Day 5

  1. I’ve been recently doing the after work shower thing, and I’m loving it so much! It’s a bit weird to get used to, but when I go to the gym it’s a lot easier. I usually get home, shower, slather on lotion/Vaseline (dry skin is a pain!), then hop in bed and watch YouTube or sports until I go to sleep. Sounds boring, but I like it 🙂

    XO Steph

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  2. I love this!
    For me I like to come home change into comfy Pj’s and take of my makeup and wash my face.
    Afterwards, I heat up or cook food, eat then snuggle under my covers and put on a show that I can watch while winding down for bed.
    While watching the show I play solitaire and games on my phone and then it is off to dream land!

    I want to know your morning routine for the winter! ❤

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