The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide – Blogmas Day 3

December 3rd 2018


Give gifts from the heart~

I think I mentioned this in last year’s gift guide, but in case you’re new here, I am the worst at holiday shopping. It is not necessarily that I give bad gifts, but instead that I get so stressed about the actual act of purchasing, what I deem to be the perfect gift, that I end up saving my shopping to the last possible minute. I wrote in my winter bucket list that I want to get shopping done early this year, so that is why we are throwing this gift guide at Blogmas Day 3 so hopefully I (and you) can use it as inspiration when shopping ASAP!

The cool thing about buying gifts for people is that you probably know a ton of different types of people with different interests! So instead of rattling off a disjointed list of items that you could give as a gift, I am gonna separate ideas into different types of people so that you can (hopefully) find what you’re looking for!

  1. The Wanderlust Friend- Whether you have a friend who travels a lot or a friend that hopes to, there are so many great gifts for the budding travel bug! 
    1. Scratch Map.jpgScratch Map- One thing on my personal wishlist this year is one of those scratch off maps to keep track of where I have gone. These maps come in global, specific countries, or national parks (in the US). I think it is a great gift for someone who has already traveled a lot and great inspiration for a friend who hopes to travel more.
    2. Wilderness Survival Kit- If your friend or loved one is an avid hiker or camper, a “wilderness survival kit” is an ideal gift! Just pull together some camping or hiking essentials like a first aid kit, bug spray, a water bottle. protein bar, and whatever else you can think to put and stash them in a cute new hiking bag (or maybe inside a cooler for the camper in your life!)
    3. Packing Cubes– I have a friend who got packing cubes as a gift from a family member once and she said they have been a game changer. Packing cubes are small, soft form cubes that make packing a suitcase a breeze. They come in all shapes and sizes and can really turn a suitcase from a mess to an incredibly well thought out and organized space to store your travel essentials!
  2. The Fan Friend- No matter if it is a sports fan or a fan of a show, movie franchise, or book series, the fan friend is someone that offers so many unique gift opportunities!
    1. Event tickets- The fun thing about fan friends is that their love for things is largely experiential and there are so many events to help that friend unleash their inner fan! Grabbing tickets to sports games, concerts, conventions, and more are not only great ways to spend time with your fan friend, but it also offers you a shared experience they will cherish!
    2. Merchandise, Media & More- One of my favorite gifts to get for the holidays is music. My brother has been getting me records for most occasions for the past couple of years now! But all merchandise is fair game when buying a gift for a fan friend! Jerseys, CD’s, DVD box sets, t-shirts, POP figurines, etc. are all great gift ideas for the super fan in your life!
    3. Subscription Boxes- There are so many different types of subscription boxes out there! They have ones for fans of games, movies, pop culture, and more! Getting your friend a few months subscription to a really neat subscription box is a gift that keeps giving!

  3. The Techy Friend- Having a friend that is obsessed with the newest and hottest tech means that there is a lot of fun ways to get creative when shopping for things they haven’t seen before!
    1. google-home-vs-amazon-echo-100744922-large.jpgAlexa or Google Home Add-ons- This is something we do for my dad on many occasions. We got a Google Home a couple of years ago and use it all of the time! Since we got it, we have purchased lights and speakers that act through the Google Home, as well as 2 Google Home Minis so he can use voice command from almost anywhere in the house! Plus, Google Home Minis are only about $50 (or less depending on the deal running) so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get cool tech!
    2. Smart TV Hookup- The market for Smart TVs and things to make any TV a Smart TV has really been booming in recent years! Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Streaming Stick, and more are all great gifts for your favorite tech lover! That way, they can make any TV in their house a Smart TV and explore a whole new world of content right from their TV.
    3. Tech Made Fun- This isn’t really one specific gift idea, but many! In the world of tech there is everything from digital assistants, gaming systems, music players, and even smart suitcases! With a world gone digital, you can find so many cool gift ideas that satisfy a budget easily! Keep your eye out for special holiday savings!
  4. The Stressed Friend- This is for the friend who just needs to chill out. We all have that friend who is constantly go, go, go, and deserves a gift that allows them to chill!
    1. essential-oil-diffuser-kit-300x199.jpgEssential Oil Diffuser- I think this is the perfect gift for a friend who needs to indulge in a little relaxation. Aromatherapy has been proven to help aid in relaxation and the best part about it is that it can be done at any time. Plus, getting your friend a good starter kit is pretty easy and can be relatively inexpensive. (Just note that essential oils can be harmful to small pets, so if you’re friend lives in a small space if small pets, stay away from this gift, or do some research on safe oils to share!)
    2. A Spa Kit- Spa appointments are great if you can afford to give that kind of gift, but the next best thing is an at home spa kit! Throw together face masks, towels, lotions, essential oils, maybe some nail polish, slippers, and a robe, and give your friend the gift of a cozy night in filled with self-care!
    3. A Gift Certificate to a class- For my birthday, my best friend gave me a gift- certificate to take an aerial yoga class and, although we haven’t done it yet, I think it is a really great relaxation gift! Meditation classes, yoga classes, float pods, salt caves, and more are all great gifts to give!
  5. Lifestyle, Fitness and Beauty Friend- These gifts are for the friend that is Instagram #Goals and loves all things fashion, make-up, fitness and beauty!
    1. Subscription Boxes- Similar to your fan friend, subscription boxes are a great gift for a friend who loves lifestyle, beauty, fitness and fashion. They make workout clothes boxes, make up boxes, and boxes with miscellaneous goods for friends who are all about that lifestyle blogger life!
    2. A Gift Certificate to a class- Similar to your stressed friend, a class pass is great for your lifestyle friend! There are so many trendy workout classes to try that your friend who is obsessed with all things trendy will LOVE to try out! Goat yoga is a super fun trend that would make an awesome memory to try!
    3. DIY “Subscription Box”- So subscription boxes are just curated boxes centered around a theme. However, what would be more perfect than if the theme was your friend!? Put together a cute box of things your friend would love and gift it to them as their personalized subscription box!


So that’s my gift suggestions for 2018! Overall, just remember that whatever you get needs to come from the heart and it’s the thought that counts. The holiday season isn’t about the gifts, it is about sharing love with people you care about!


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