My Winter Bucket List ❄ – Blogmas Day 2

December 2nd 2018

Setting the bar high for a fun season ahead~

Funny enough, I had this post written about a month ago. However, when I went to check on it today, it was gone and the scheduled draft was blank. Happy Blogmas! Thanks for the fun gift, WordPress!

So with that being said, I am sort of scrambling to remember what I said the first time but I believe it went a little something like this…I love starting the season off with a good bucket list post. Bucket lists are great because they give me a solid idea of what I hope to accomplish this season and give me a list to look back on when I am at a loss as to what I should/can be doing with my time! So without further introduction, here is my winter bucket list (take 2, haha)

  1. Find 1 new winter event or activity to attend- I find that I fall into routines with the things I do each season, so this year I want to branch out and try something new and fresh.
  2. Learn to bake something from scratch- I am hoping, by around this time next year, I will be living on my own. That is why I want to try my hand at baking so when family Christmas gatherings come around, I am ready with my own baking signature!
  3. Get my holiday shopping done EARLY- I am a huge procrastinator and I am already halfway through my shopping this year. I am determined to be completely done within the next week or so!
  4. Read some of my self-help/personal growth books before the start of the new year- I find that a good self-help book really helps get the year started right and with 2019 right around the corner, I am ready to get a little reading in wherever I can find the time.
  5. Put away my fall decorations and bust out my holiday stuff- I find that I often linger on Halloween and fall after they have passed so I am trying my best to get festive earlier this year.
  6. Set good 2019 intentions- I actually have a few blog posts planned about intentions, goals, and other fun stuff this month so stay tuned!
  7. Do my typical winter favorite activities- I feel like winter bucket lists are often quite similar from year to year so I am trying to just save you the long list and use this goal as an umbrella goal to go ice skating and see lights and spend time with family and do other Christmasy things this month.
  8. Catch up with some friends- I’ve been a busy be these past few months and, as a result, some of my social plans and friends have slipped to the wayside. I want to catch up!

What is on your list?!


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