A Letter to the Future Girl Bosses

March 7th 2018

girl power

The future is female

Dear Future Girl Bosses of the World,

You are our future. You are the girls who will rise above the expectations. You are more than sitting still, looking pretty, staying quiet. You are more than the makeup you wear or the clothes you buy or the stereotypes people have thrown your way. You are the future.

In a world where a movement like this is looked down upon by those who believe it is a movement against men, we rise. We are not against men, we are for people. We are for people of any race, religious background, sexual orientation, gender identification. We rise for people. We stand for those who have been regarded as less because of the color of their skin. We stand for those who are told they are less of a woman because they were “not born to be one”. We stand together.

We should be raising each other up, not tearing each other down. Less competition. Less pitting strong women against each other for the sake of drama and entertainment. Less praising negative and petty role models and more support to those who make their voices heard for the greater good.

Listen to the words of young female influencers for they have the most to say as they grow up in this world surrounded by the same struggles as you and as many many many people before you. Things may begin to get better but the fight is never over. The fight for the people, for justice, for the future of females, for the future of humanity.

Don’t get discouraged by the words of misogynists or non-believers for they do not yet know your power. Do not feel you must hide yourself because of cat-callers and internet perverts. Do not feel you have to compete with the girl next to you and that your body is just a thing to be compared.

Do not let anyone tell you you don’t have a choice with your body. It is okay to say no. It is okay to walk away. It is not because of what you’re wearing. You are not a prude for saying you’re uncomfortable. No one has a right to you or your body without your consent. You do not have to do anything just because they tell you to.

Because you are a future girl boss. You play by your rules. You don’t let anyone tell you how this game is played. You use your voice. You tread through territory that many have told you you could not travel. You are the future journalists, scientists, mathematicians, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, boss ladies. You can be anything, do anything…and you have the power to stand for everyone.


I wrote this little open letter for International Women’s Day tomorrow. I tend to stray away from more controversial topics on my blog, but I feel quite passionately about International Women’s Day so I thought I’d speak out!

Just remember that you have the power to stand up for what you believe in and don’t let anyone silence your voice.

Here are a couple of my favorite speeches by some strong women I admire:

Rowan Blanchard is an actress and influencer to look out for and one of the most astounding young minds out there. Her dedication to justice and constant growth through learning and educating herself is something that every future girl boss should aspire to achieve.

Stunning, stunning speech. Halsey shows that the trials and tribulations of the feminine experience impact us all differently. This spoken word rhyme speaks all too clearly to many issues and struggles facing women today, many issues that go unseen and unheard. Halsey is a shocking reminder that no amount of Hollywood fame makes you invincible and that influencers with a platform like hers need to use it to spread awareness.

It is no secret that Oprah is an astounding woman. She has gone through so much throughout her life and overcame obstacles that would knock any person flat out. She has not only overcome, but she has thrived. She has offered women, especially women of color, hope and inspiration. Her use of her voice to make a difference is truly something that makes her one deserving of awards and high regards.


I also advise you to look at Viola Davis’s speech from the Women’s March as well as interviews with Amandla Stenberg. I couldn’t find good videos of either of them speaking (at least not complete ones). Both women are strong role models, especially to women of color and their voice is making the hugest difference to push the movement forward. I also know there are tons of other amazing women out there standing up for the same rights.

Happy International Women’s Day to everyone, lets stand together for a brighter future.


Disclaimer:  I hate to have to put a disclaimer, but this isn’t a political post so I hope nobody feels as though I am shoving any political feelings down anyone’s throat. I just want to take a time to write about something I feel strongly about and we are all open to our own opinions. No hate, just love:)

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11 thoughts on “A Letter to the Future Girl Bosses

      1. Hey jess. I know women’s day is almost over (it’s almost 10 where I live) but I was wondering if would like to collab sometime in May on something related to women empowerment. We need it now more than ever so I wanted to post something related to it.
        Lemme know what you think.

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      2. Oh thanks thats absolutely remarkable! I’ll email you over the weekend and we could come up with some ideas – i got exams right now
        My email is also on my contact page too so youll know
        Are you free over the weekend at this time or do you have a specific date in mind?

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      3. You can contact me to brainstorm whenever! In terms of posting, my production calendar is full for March but I have availability in April and May! Once we think of an idea, I can see where it fits most logically into my schedule:)


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